Windshield Repair

Windshield Replacement

    Guardian's windshield repair process eliminates the need for costly windshield replacement by helping to prevent small rock chips and cracks from spreading through the glass surface.

    Most windshield damage is caused when rocks hit the windshield surface and result in "bulls-eye" chips or small cracks. As windshields are actually laminated glass manufactured by "sandwiching" a vinyl interlayer between two pieces of glass, only the first layer of glass is susceptible to damage. Instead of shattering upon impact, the pieces of damaged glass adhere to the vinyl interlayer and help prevent serious injury to vehicle passengers.

    With Guardian windshield repair, a special repair system is able to correct chips or cracks up to the size of a half-dollar by removing air from the damaged area and replacing it with a specially formulated resin. Once performed, the repairs are permanent and will not turn yellow or cloudy.

    The Guardian windshield repair warranty lasts so long as you own your vehicle, so if repairs ever fail, Guardian Auto Glass will apply the cost of the repair to a replacement windshield purchased from Guardian.

    Also, some insurance companies waive the deductible if you choose repair over replacement, which can save you costly out-of-pocket expenses.

Guardian windshields offer a clear difference

    A lot goes into a Guardian windshield before it is ever installed into a vehicle. Years of expertise and engineering have produced the most-respected line of windshields in the industry. Guardian leading-edge manufacturing facilities design and build windshields for the finest vehicles in the world. Which should come as no surprise when you consider Guardian windshields:

  1. Make vehicles safer

  2. Reduce solar load resulting in a cooler cabin, better fuel economy and less vehicle emissions

  3. Sense rain and light and automatically turn on and adjust wipers and headlights, allowing the driver to keep eyes where they belong - on the road

  4. Enhance the look and design of a vehicle


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